TikTok Affiliate

Join NOW to our new TikTok Affiliate Program by creating a video who promote our website or our APPs and post it on your TikTok (No minimum followers required).

We pay any user that really bring new members on our awesome community. All you have to do is to follow the next steps:
  • Make a video about our website or with our website integrated (Suggestion: Talk about FREE Premium Netflix, Youtube or Spotify / FREE Minecraft) 
  • Post it on your TikTok
  • Wait till the video get real traffic
  • Complete the bellow form & get paid!

You will be contacted by one of our agents in max 72h!

10k REAL views: 5-100$ (Varies by country)
100k REAL views: 35-1000$ (Varies by country)
1M+ REAL views: 250-10,000$ (Varies by country)

68k views – 797$
1.2M views – 8,994$
11.4M views – 78,322$

We don’t allow any tentative of fraud like fake views or fake traffic
We review all requests before payment

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